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  • Resume Critique List
  • Submitted by Noah H on 2010-01-13

    1. Does the overall appearance make an employer want to read it?
    2. Is the layout professional?
    3. Is the information organized so it is easy to read? (If the employer just skims through it, would their eyes pick up the key points?)
    4. Is it well typed? (Do not mix print styles. Important titles should be underlined. Use bold and capital letters only when appropriate.)
    5. Is it printed on good quality paper? (Remember to avoid colored paper; it does not copy well.)
    6. Are all words spelled correctly? (Have your resume proof-read by a valued colleague.)
    7. Is the writing style clear? (Do not use jargon.)
    8. Do statements begin with action verbs and communicate accomplishments and results?
    9. Are verb tenses consistent? (Have your resume proof-read by someone who is good in English.)
    10. Is the employment objective well-written and clear? (Tailoring your resume to the job you are applying for increases your success rate.)
    11. Is the major discipline explained in brief if it is one that the employers may not understand?
    12. Are employment experiences listed in reverse chronological order?
    13. Do your strengths stand out? Is it easy to get a clear picture of your qualifications?
    14. Does your resume stress accomplishments and skills more than responsibilities and duties?
    15. Does your resume sell your problem-solving abilities?
    16. Does your resume show volunteer work that might be relevant to the position sought?
    17. Did you account for all periods of time? (The employer will look for this.)
    18. Has irrelevant information been eliminated? Could your resume tell the same story if it were shortened?
    19. Can the same information be limited to one page?

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